Wine Round The Middle

After Christmas I did a body composition test, (probably not the best time!) However I was starting my marathon torture so was checking where I was at.

Even though I eat a good diet-it goes with the job- and exercise regularly I still have an elevated fat percentage around my torso, 30% to be precise. Fat in this area is now known as visceral fat.

This is where the phrase ‘skinny fat’ comes from, when visceral fat is around your organs and isn’t visible, so you can look lovely and healthy on the outside but are soft on the inside.

I got these stats about 6 months ago and had the same results… There are many reasons for why you would have a slightly elevated fat mass in your body, one being wine….so turns out, annoyingly that you might not be able to get away with it, when you think you are! I will keep you posted, these stats may change over the next few months as my training increases and I guess I have to reduce wine!

Other causes of elevated VAT (visceral adipose tissue)

Another common cause of skinny fat is if you work out a lot and don’t eat the right foods, if you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild the muscles they will degrade and become soft.


The health implications of visceral fat can be serious and although I am being sarky about wine, it really is something important to keep an eye on as it can cause a high blood pressure, increased inflammation in the body, a risk of diabetes, it can also effect your mood and it can make it harder to lose weight as it is known as the ‘stubborn fat’.

How to get rid…

Make sure you’re getting enough exercise, specifically fat burning workouts – HIIT proven to be very successful for fat loss, also maybe increasing weight work in the gym, as this helps to burn up that fat

Support your activity with nutrition, make sure you’re consuming essential amino acids, the leaner you eat, the leaner you are! Lots of greens as this will mop up free radicals. Don’t forget that on the scales when your fat decreases and your muscle mass increases you’ll weigh heavier!

Drink plenty of water and green tea, a natural fat burner!