My favourite herb to be aware of this time of year when allergies start to appear!

The common stinging nettle that pricks our legs on dog walks is a powerhouse of nutrients, as well as having antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. This not only helps counteract the symptoms of allergies at this time of year especially, but reduces the swelling of tissue in the nose and eyes!

You can collect fresh stinging nettles and dry the leaves to make into a tea, or you can also buy nettle tea already in bags ready to pop into a cup. You can also get nettle in capsule form.

For a stronger infusion it can be made by steeping dried nettle into freshly boiled water, then leave for 3ish hours. The leaves can then be strained from the liquid, which can then be kept cool in a fridge. Drink 2-4 cups per day, starting slowly.

Although nettles are a safe herb to consume, it makes sense to introduce anything new to your body cautiously!