INGREDIENTS AND SHOPPING LIST. You will be making the same 5x juices each day for 3x days so please ensure you have enough ingredients for the 3x day fast. The below is quantity for 3x days’ worth of recipes.


Immunity- Beetroot & ginger

6x bulbs of Beetroot (or 2 large bunches)

1x bag of red apples

1x bag of lemons Lemon

2x knobs of Ginger


Indulgence- Creamy nutty cacao

1x small bag of organic cacao powder

1x pack of unsulphered medjool dates

3x ripe avocados

1x jar of unsweetened almond butter

3x bananas



Glow- Sweet potato pie

1x bag of red Apples

3x Sweet potato

1x knob of ginger

1x jar of Cinnamon


Detox- Super green

1x bunch of Parsley

1x large bunch of rainbow or swiss chard

1x bag of Green apples

1x bag of Lemons

1x bag of Limes


Cleanse- Clean cucumber

3x bunches of celery

3x cucumbers

1x bag of lemons

1x bag of green apples