Next time you brush your teeth don’t just think about your sparkling smile, oral hygiene is truly something we must look at with a holistic approach…
“The mouth is probably the dirtiest place in the human body,” said Dr. Steve Kerrigan from the Royal College of Surgeons, explaining that there are up to 700 different types of bacteria co-existing in our mouths.
So how do we protect ourselves?
I suffered with periodental disease and below are some ways that I now care for my mouth, teeth AND body.
-Fennel, peppermint teas.
-Oil pulling
-Using flouride free toothpaste (I like kingfisher fennel)
-Peppersmith chewing gum (I’m not sure I can commit or get my hands on neem chewing sticks! But peppersmith is great for reducing plaque build up)
-Flossing and brushing 2/3x times daily
-Regular dental checkups
-Eating a diet high in antioxidants and a variety of fresh fruit and veg
-Try to avoid processed foods and limit alchohol/sugars where I can
-No smoking
Id love to hear how you care for your teeth, gums and mouth and if you use any ayervedic principles!