The Importance of Gut Health

It is apt that I am writing this while at the Viva Mayr clinic in Altaussee, a mecca for gut healing and restoring.

If this isn’t working then nothing is! This is the sorting office of your body and if it is a mess you will feel out of sorts.

This is important to know before I carry on – 90% of serotonin ( the good mood hormone) is generated in the gut – it isn’t just physical wellness generated here!

By GUT we mean the whole alimentary canal from mouth to anus. Everything we eat and drink will take the whole ride and will be broken down on the way by digestive enzymes into nutrients we need, some are reabsorbed into the blood stream at the small intestine and distributed wherever the body requires them and others go on to be broken down further elsewhere in the body e.g the liver.

It is a truly amazing feat, and we should really be in awe of how amazing our gut and microbiome or gut flora is.

The microbiome is a truly amazing part of our biology, it is the unique colony of bacteria or microbes that live in our gut and keep us well, help us break down food and help keep our immune system strong. There are over 100,000 billion microbes in our body and 95% live in our gut – amazing don’t you think.


Prebiotic and probiotic food can help keep the colony healthy, things like antibiotics and stress can be very destructive to the health of the colony and therefore our gut and then our overall health.

You need to look at anti-inflammatory foods and foods that contain digestive enzymes such as fennel, ginger, kimchi, turmeric, papaya, oily fish, avocadoos, flax oil, pineapple and mint, to name a few in order to help with bloating and calm any discomfort.

Also soothing, healing foods that contain glutamine, zinc and vitamin A- things like cabbage, rolled oats, seafood, meat, whole grains, fennel seeds, eggs, orange and green veg.

We also want good transition (movement through the gut) and this is why fibre is super important – nuts, seeds, veg.

Bitter veg help stimulate the digestive juice and get the bile liquids flowing – rocket, chicory, water cress and endive would do the job.

I hope this has helped you understand a bit more about the gut and micro biome.. Let me know if there are any questions.