The Healthy Headstart | After-Care

Well done, you have given your body a well needed boost, re stocked some essential vitamins, got rid of some unwanted toxins and perhaps a few unwanted lbs. Your metabolism should be better, cravings much reduced and energy levels higher. Hopefully you are glowing inside and out.

Now it is time to get back to business as usual. Time to reintroduce all the foods we haven’t eaten for the last 2 weeks.

If you do this one food per day you can see how your body deals with certain foods, or if your digestion needs a bit of work to get the fire going.  (Unless of course there is a true allergy present).

You should still try to keep consumption of things like refined sugar, alcohol and red meat down, just remember to have them in moderation, use fruit instead of sweets, herbal tea instead of rosé (I know that sound ridiculous…but sometimes the ritual of making a cup of tea can fill the gap of opening a bottle of wine!), fish or chicken instead of red meat. The food list you have followed is a great guide, if in doubt stick to the list.

Another thing that is good to do now, is to carry on with the supplements you have got till they are finished and also to take a 30 day course of probiotics. I like biokult as you don’t have to keep them in the fridge, I have them by the bed, and take one before I go to sleep.

I really do hope you are feeling wonderful. XXXXX