Who doesn’t love something sweet when perhaps we are tired, stressed, bored, or simply because we fancy it after dinner! As you all know I’m all about balance and while I do have a little sweet tooth occasionally, I’m also a big believer in cutting it out for periods of time so I can truly feel the benefits and reap the rewards! Start by reducing your intake daily for instance skip that sugar in your coffee, try a juicy sweet medjool date after your savoury meal instead of a biscuit… and see how you go! Here I share some of the benefits I’ve felt from going sugar free and a few of my top tips to help get you started…

Weight loss: Processed refined sugar has calories, but no nutritional value; eating sugar causes us to crave even more sugar!

Reduced bloat: Artificial sweeteners are notorious for causing bloating and discomfort.

Mindful eating: Consciously avoiding certain ingredients (in this case: sugar!) leads to more mindful eating habits.

Improved dental health: Sugary fizzy drinks, artificial juices and sweets create an acidic, cavity-promoting environment in the mouth.

Sustained energy: Sugar crashes become a thing of the past; experience stable energy levels all day long.

Reduced brain fog: You will feel clearer and more focused!

Glowing skin: Sugar causes the break down of collagen in our skin, making us age faster, giving us dull tired looking complexions. Focus on fresh hydrating antioxidant rich fruits instead to fill that gap.

Hacks: If you must have something sweet… Try some of my favourites below-
2-3 servings of fresh fruit per day paired with protein or fat (e.g. unsweetened coconut yogurt, a handful of nuts/seeds, good quality organic cheese, etc.)
Fresh homemade strawberry chia jam with no added sugar on millet/sourdough/rye bread
Homemade flavored lemon/mint water
1-2 squares of raw dark chocolate
Fennel/liquorice/hibiscus tea, these are my 3 faves when I fancy something sweet