Autumnal Supplements

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is needed for many things, but before winter in particular it is a great immune support so you can avoid the sniffles it also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue which we all suffer with more in winter due to the shorter days and lack of sunlight! Dosage wise make sure to get a high dose for 3 months of 1000mg-4000mg a day!


Vitamin D

  • This one is really important during winter when we see a massive decrease in sunlight which helps creates vitamin Din the skin, the darker your skin the more sunlight you need to create the D. It is super important for so many things including reducing incidence of auto immune disease, it also helps with the immune system, maintenance of muscle/bone function as well as absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Those who suffer with SAD or depression or fatigue can really benefit from this taking a supplement of vitamin D. I would take this every winter, unless you are going on holiday a lot! Take between 2000-4000iu a day, drops are a great way to take this supplement.


Omega 3

  • A lack of Omega 3 can cause impaired immune response, so it is crucial we take this to ensure our immune system is at its normal working function. We live in a world where our diets are high in omega 6 so taking a supplement ca help the ration and this helps reduce inflammation in the body. Also if you suffer with poor circulation especially of the hands and feet, a good quality Omega 3 can help to support your circulatory system. Those  of you who suffer with seasonal dryness should also think about taking a supplement it will help to keep your hair and nails strong, also to keep your skin nourished. Take 1500mg of EPA and DHA a day


  • This will really help with your immune system in fighting the nasty lurgies also Zinc contributes to the maintenance of bones, hair, nails and skin – necessary to keep us in top shape for the colder months! Most of us are deficient in zinc, so taking 50 mg for 3 months will help to keep our immune system in shape.

B Complex

  • This is all the B vitamins – including riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, B6, B12 and biotin, these all help with the function of the nervous system and energy levels. Vitamin B also help with the reduction of tiredness & fatigue. If you lead a crazy busy life then this may be something you can take all year round…