The 5 Day Rebuild and Revamp | After Care!

Firstly amaze balls! You have done great! You will wake up after day 5 and probably not feel quite as hungry as you thought you would, have a nice lemon and warm water and sit and feel very pleased with yourself then think about what you are going to eat!!!!!

Here are some basic tips on the eating front that I try to stick to, I know you will have been dreaming about EVERYTHING food wise, steak, avocado, cheese, toast, coffee…….. you know what I mean, BUT if you can, the best thing you can do on the other side of the rebuild and revamp is to keep it simple!!

Eating raw fruit and veg would be an ideal first day back,  or you could do the start in reverse, so soup day followed by a stew day. My after care behaviour has been very varied, from perfect pants to going to a party, but I would try to be as mindful as you can! The great feeling you have will last and last if you take care of it!

Then you can add more complicated foods as you go along, make sure you do include lots of fibre and hydration and as I say keep it simple, lots of plants! Most people’s tastebuds have changed and are not so sugar orientated, most people I talk to crave fresh food and they feel more balanced all around. Take a course of probiotics for 30 days to help keep your gut with its new found calm.

This sort of cleanse should leave you feeling full of vitality physically and mentally and your energy levels should be more balanced as you will have reset your blood sugar levels.

So now you are feeling bloody brilliant you can go forth into the world and enjoy yourself!