Tea, Tea, Tea..

I love herbal tea, and I wanted to dedicate a post to it for those of you who may be a little sceptical.

For a start herbal tea counts toward your water intake for the day, so if water doesn’t do it for you then adding a herbal tea infusion to some hot water just might. Black tea and coffee have substances in them that are dehydrating, so you would need a glass of water per cup to compensate, where as a cup of herbal is a notch on the hydration bed post amongst other positives.

Another reason that I am a fan is because I feel like I can meet whatever my needs are at that moment. SO if you are stressed then it is commonly understood that camomile is soothing, green tea contains caffeine and can give you a little lift if you are flagging and that peppermint is good for the digestion after a meal. BUT there are so so many more. I do love self-prescribing a herbal tea, and because it is so mild you are free to experiment!

Also try picking your own herbs, nettle is brilliant for blood building and also water retention, sage and rosemary is great for chest infections, and sage tea is brilliant for menopause symptoms. You can make ginger, mint or try any herbs you want by putting the herb into hot water and infusing for 5 minutes.

Matcha green tea is a great antioxidant and fun to make as it is a slightly  different method, you have to whisk the powder in. Liquorice is soothing to the adrenal gland and rooibos is a good all round antioxidant tea. There are really good tea companies out there which make good ready mixed herbal teas, so whichever way you make it, there is always time for a cuppa!