Supplements, to take or not to take? That is the question.

I love supplements, it goes with the territory of what I do, if I were a beauty writer then I would feel the same about products (which I do, obviously, but you get my point!). I have loads of them and am always thrilled to see another miracle combo on the market, I am also lucky enough to get sent lots to try, which I do because I need to know for my job.

Apart from that supplements really do work WHEN they are used at the correct time and for the right reason.

All to often this isn’t the case and there seems to be a lot of self prescribing going on out there! The thing we need to remember is that our bodies are pretty tolerant and spend their days balancing out any imbalance there is, whether it is our body temperature, toxins, hydration, cholesterol, inflammation or even vitamin and mineral balances. For example if we are low in calcium this can effect our heart so our body will take calcium from our bones until more calcium has been taken in through our diet. Clever hey! If we keep taking calcium from our bones to protect our heart without replacing it through what we eat, then eventually we will see a decline in bone health and this is when it becomes very obvious that there is a mineral deficiency. Taking a supplement should come before this point of course, but not just because we think we should.

We should be getting most of our nutrients from our diet, but sometimes that is not enough and this is when supplementing is needed. And this is when people really respond because they do NEED it.

There has been a lot in the press lately about how supplements can actually be bad for you, and there is evidence to suggest that if you take high doses of supplements on a daily basis for reasons you are not sure of then this can lead to imbalances in the body which can lead to disease.

Supplements can be bloody marvellous though and sometimes they are needed, they have a gentle action, but they do have an action, so they do need to be taken with respect and some research, once you have redressed the deficiency and things are back in balance discontinue and let your food be your medicine!