Super powders

I love adding powders to my smoothies and foods, they are a great way of boosting your diet in specific areas, making your diet slightly prescriptive. They are so easy to add to smoothies and juices, which is where I use them most. Try doing a little research into what powder does what and if you feel you need a boost there will be one for you. I like to use wheatgrass and maca for energy, chlorella and spirulina for detox support and alkalizing my body. There are also the Metagenics powders such as Ultra inflammax, Ultra clear and more that are a combination of all sorts of nutrients to help specific complaints, these two help with inflammation and Ultra clear is liver supporting.

Organic burst have nice ones including acai which is helpful for metabolism and also baobab also good for energy. One of my faves is Pure Synergy, it includes medicinal mushrooms, brilliant for any low level infections and anti-fungal (weirdly)… then there are protein powders and magnesium powders and so it goes on! Give them go! I will do more in depth stories on each of them soon.