Summer nights survival!

Lets start with HYDRATION. De-hydration happens when it is hot, so depending where you are for your summer extravaganza you will lose fluid to a lesser or greater extent. Alcohol is another big factor in dehydration at these sort of things and the combination of booze, sun and lack of water is a perfect cocktail for sun stroke and an early exit!

So make sure you RE-HYDRATE by drinking lots of good old fashioned water, it will help you pace yourself if you are taking in water and not quenching your thirst with wine or beer, and it will mean you feel more energetic through out the day.

The vitamins that take a hit when you are out and overindulging are the ones that have to work hard to keep you safe. So those are things like vitamin C, E and B, because of their work as antioxidants in C and E’s  case, and for the help to your nervous system in B’s case, so try to be mindful of putting in as much nutrition as you can, even if it is eating the fruit from the pimms glass….every little helps!

Good sources of B vits are whole grains, meat, dairy, fish and my favourite dark leafy greens! And vitamin C is found in brightly coloured fruits and veg, like strawberries, tomatoes, oranges and again, some dark leafy greens. You will find E and lots of fibre in nuts and seeds.


A great breakfast would be porridge for the B, strawberries for the C and some sunflower seeds for the E and fibre!

You could also take a 1000mg-3000mg of vitamin C tablet before bedtime if you have had a heavy night, this will help your body as it processes the alcohol. If you are a smoker vit C is also great for the tissues in the lungs, so they will thank you too!

Eating at regular intervals not only helps to soak up alcohol and slow the absorption into our blood stream but it also gives us nutrients that are vital to our bodies. Drinking and smoking are totally depleting to our nutrient levels and renewing them over a weekend is a good thing to do. Treat yourself kindly, eat as fresh as you can. Fruit and veg are also high in fibre that will help your bowel keep moving, against the odds, and help elimination of those toxins.

I give myself the best possible chance of feeling good for a weekend away by taking a bit of care of myself and making sure that I am well topped up on good healthy nourishing food,so my body should have the tools to cope with a bit of a drink, a dance, and slightly less sleep than usual, you really don’t want to come back feeling dreadful and as if you are getting sick, I don’t think anyone believes somone who calls in sick on a Monday anymore!!

Now go forth and have a amazing time!