Sugar.. Easter… Spring re think

There are many health problems associated with our high sugar intake these days, we all eat too much, so being mindful and reducing our intake would be no bad thing!

So what is the problem with sugar?

Nowadays sugar is in so many things we eat, and most of us are aware that it is even in things we would not expect. The problems this can cause for us physiologically are many!

For starters there aren’t any nutritional benefits other than fast burning fuel to sugar, our brain needs glucose to run, and so we do need some… but obviously not as much as we take in on a daily basis, we can also get glucose from much more nutrient dense forms, such as fruit and vegetables, or nuts and seeds and whole grains to name a few.

Fructose can be turned to glucose, so eating a piece of fruit will be turned to glucose, which the body can use, however if you eat too much fructose, (which you can’t do by eating fruit), the liver gets over loaded and finds it difficult to convert it all and then you start down the path of fatty liver.

A big one that I see in clinic is insulin resistance which is a sign of being on the road to type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. By overwhelming our bodies on a daily basis with sugar, sugar, sugar our bodies stop listening to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that the body produces to metabolise glucose, if we start becoming resistant to insulin, then the body stops being able to process glucose and the levels can rise to toxic levels, which can have a knock on effect of causing all sorts of problems from weight gain, to obesity, heart problems and as I said type 2 diabetes!

Another problem with high sugar is that it is acidic in the body, our bodies and tissue work better with a more alkaline environment. Higher acidity in the tissue means that diseases are more likely to become a problem. Cancer cells, for example thrive in acidic tissue but less so in more alkaline tissues.

Then there are the more obvious problems such as putting on weight and your teeth!…

So now the lecture is over, I would like to add that there is definitely a time and a place for sugar and sweets and cakes and chocolate. BUT that time and place can’t be all day, every day. Your energy levels will be much better, more stable and generally higher if you cut down.

Start to read labels on foods, (yoghurt is a really naughty one, you think you are making a good choice, but often they are packed with sugar!).

Use sugar alternatives, try coconut sugar, stevia or lo han . They are very sweet but won’t cause a sugar spike and have the extra benefit of some mineral action for you !

If you are a sugar in your cup kinda person, then reduce a little at a time, let your taste buds adjust slowly and very soon you will wonder why you liked such sweet drinks!

Cut out fizzy sugary drinks, if you need a bit of bubble then try fizzy water with lime or a squeeze of lemon.

Use dark chocolate instead of milk.

Eat blueberries, raspberries or strawberries instead of sweets.

Remember that sugar hits the same receptors in the brain as some super addictive drugs, so it is no wonder that we all have a sweet tooth! You can change it though, cut down, replace and see how much better you feel, the body will be less stressed, and toxic, so freer to feel vital and brilliant!