Spiralizing is a ‘thing’ at the mo and I am glad! Raw foodies and the Japanese have been using spirilizers for a long time and they are wonderful. It is a great way of using veg in its raw or steamed state and making it into something different.

It is a good way of doing a light ‘pasta’ type meal without using pasta! So for those of you, who are doing low carbs, or gluten free, give it a go. Another benefit is that you are getting more vitamins and minerals into your diet because you are eating more veg!

You can use it to make coleslaw and some make ribbons that look lovely and fresh in a salad, in this picture I used sweet potato and courgette in my spirilizer, and I added some parsley and a squeeze of lime, on top of that I put a falafel and tomato sauce stew… basically a really healthy nutrient dense meatballs and spaghetti (without the meatballs or spaghetti!), I will put the recipe for the falafel and tomato sauce up soon!

I have a very basic one that I have had for years, I may update soon! I know that the Hemsley sisters have one out on the market at the moment and those girls have some nice recipes. I would love to hear any thoughts on which ones you like.