Insomnia is horrible for our health. We need sleep to help repair and rest from our hectic lives. It can be crippling for some and even if a bad nights sleep is few and far between it can still be unsettling!

First things first, try to work out what is causing it… Is it stress? Are you pushing it too much? In which case really try to reduce and remove that stress. Try doing some yoga, or walking to work if you can. Doing a bit of gentle exercise will help the body relax and unwind, and reduce the highly stressed feeling that means the brain doesn’t stop whirring! You could try using an adaptogenic herb called ashwaganda that will help you to cope with the busy brain and extra cortisol wooshing around the body! Vitamin B is also really important for coping with stress and helps the nervous system keep calm!

Is it caffeine! An old trickster that we can forget will interfere with sleep if you have too much, or too late in the day. You are all different and you will know your limits… change for glass of water, and if you like a hot dink at bed time then try a cup of herbal! Chamomile is calming, or you could try a bed time tea, specially blended to help you sleep!

Alcohol is another drink that won’t help and a similar tactic applies as to coffee, de hydration will cause a restless night, so make sure you have some water with your wine!

Are you eating too late? is it that your digestion needs some attention? Pay attention to how your gut feels at night as it may be what is keeping you awake at night!

A big thing I find people forget about is what I call good sleep protocol. We can be overstimulated and get overtired like a child, so give yourself time to wind down. Take an epsom salt bath, epsom salts are magnesium which is a great sleep aid. The magnesium will soak in through the skin and is a great natural relaxant, you should also try taking a supplement of magnesium if you are suffering with not being able to get to sleep! Reading before bed after a bath will help, and removal of all devices from the bedroom will help you to switch off and reduce the electro magnetic field energy around you!

Calcium is also one of natures sleeping aids so make sure that you are getting enough in your diet, from things like greens, broccoli and almonds unless you really are deficient in which case you should supplement.

There are things like lavender sprays and chamomile tea which are lovely ways to help you into a good sleep, I would throw everything at the problem and see how you get on. Hope this helps! And hope you get a good nights sleep!