Although I’m a big believer of being flexible around food I also understand the importance of looking after ourselves and feeding our bodies with the best possible choices so we feel better overall. No one wants to arrive at their destination dehydrated, bloated, moody and hungry!! Travelling on the road can be bad for nutritious snacks, services, garages and airports are often only ever filled with empty calories and un-nutritious sugary snacks and fast food. The morning or day before I leave I set aside a little time and plan some snacks….


  • Raw almonds
  • Organic dried unsulphered apricots, figs, raisins, goji berries
  • 85% dark chocolate (I like om bar!)
  • Homemade Protein nut and date Balls
  • Organic apples
  • Olives
  • Healthy homemade breakfast bar or muesli bars
  • Rice cakes with an avocado
  • Gluten free oatcakes and pot of hummus
  • Seaweed chips – found at most health food stores
  • Flaxseed/brown rice crackers – found at most health food stores
  • Kale chips – also found at most health food stores
  • Leftovers – really good one!!! I usually take a bowl of veggies and protein from dinner the night before for lunch/dinner on the plane. Leftover pasta salads work well, s does brown rice, quinoa, and all types of salads and veggies.
  • Antioxidant berry mix- I wash a punnet of red grapes, a punnet of strawberries and a punnet of blueberries and decant them into a large container.
  • Large bottles of water, coconut water and a flask of herbal tea make good drink choices on the road.