Running…. Taking small steps

I don’t mind doing a bit of exercise but I used to HATE running, infact I said to my trainer that I felt like my legs were going to give way and that I would rather do anything than run! About a year ago, for some unknown reason I texted the same trainer and said that I wanted to try again, and could we run in our weekly session?

I am not sure who was more shocked, me, or her! Anyway I started and I started small I ran 1.5 km, then a little more up to 3 km, then I did a 5K race then an 8 and finally a 10Km race. I used my ipod and Nike running app, which I love, it spurred me on because you can see how far you have run and it seems easy to just go a little bit further with that on your arm. It was the fittest I have ever felt and the cardio high that people talk about after a run is the best!

I then stopped again and have recently tried to get going but it hasn’t been going well, UNTIL I remembered to start small. I was trying to run 10K or for 45 mins, and ended up doing nothing apart from getting annoyed with myself. SMALL STEPS, is one of my big philosophies in life and once I had remembered that, and realised that doing 15 mins or 1k is better than nothing, I am back out running…you are still building my fitness and hopefully feeling great, plus you can do it anywhere, anytime!