Radicle Radishes

Radishes are great for snacks, and for me they are a good alternative to carrot or celery batons with my beloved hummus! You can add to juices too, I do! but then I juice anything I can get my hands on…

They are brilliant in salads and they are brilliant for us! A member of the cruciferous family they contain a lot of sulphur based chemicals which are really good for our livers and gall bladders because they help to digest fat, and this will help your overall digestion.

Some people use them to help keep their gut moving! Keeping regular is very important for removing toxins and on top of that they are also a diuretic, so help removal of fluid retention.

These little vegetables are full of vitamin C, folic acid, molybdenum and potassium, little nutrient powerhouses! Much more nutrient dense when eaten raw, I also love them with a bit of alioli (YUM).