Post fast protocol! Eat raw and more..

I have just returned from a fast at the wonderful Life Co in Bodrum, it is my favourite place to go, with brilliant juices and herbal support to get you through the fast and get the most out of it for yourself.

So once you have fasted for 5-10 days your gut will be pretty much empty, and so you need to be a bit gentle. I usually do some colon hydro therapy when I do long cleanses, so you need to keep in mind that you are flushing out all the bad, but some of the good too, I mostly mean bacteria, the good bacteria is crucial to the function of the gut. Doing a wheat grass enema may sound a bit bizarre BUT it is a good idea at the end of a fast. Wheat grass when placed in the colon is great for the growth of good bacteria colonies and really good for the health of the colon.

I would always recommend that you do a course of probiotics after your fast too, for the same reasons.

Then there is food, it is essential to be careful about the reintroduction of food, otherwise you might become ‘bunged’ up and feeling bloated. Some people need to build up the fire in their belly, so using a tsp of apple cider vinegar before you eat is a good aid for digestion. And on the food front you need to go carefully.

I am not that good at restraint after not eating for period of time, I miss food when I don’t have it, I love my food and so have to TRY and be strict with myself and go slowly!

The rules of engagement are the following.

Break your fast slowly, don’t have a massive meal, choose one vegetable like a cucumber, celery, carrot, or try an apple and stick to that, for a whole day if possible! I find that pretty much impossible , and if you do too, the do the best you can and avoid anything that is tricky for your body to break down such as complex carbs or proteins.

Make sure you keep drinking lots of water and herbal teas to keep everything moving. adding spirulina and green powders to a drink in the day will help the gut bacteria and function along too.

Keep it simple and vegetable based.

Raw is a really good rule of thumb and is a great way of getting lots of nutrients and enzymes back into the body. If you can do this for 2-3 days after your cleanse your body will thank you. I continue to use juices as they keep you hydrated and are easy for your body to deal with.

Then slowly add in nuts, seeds, more starchy veg, and then white fish, complex carbs etc, etc building back up to your normal lovely nutrient dense diet that is practically perfect in every way (obviously!).