Out of bed, into 3 sun salutes (see photo above!),and a glorious start to the day… yeah right!

Last month was the school holidays and I basked. No rush in the morning or shouting at the kids to hurry hurry and it was heaven. We are all back now, and back to the morning chaos. It is so much easier if it is just me to get ready!

Anyway, I find it so stressful and I know what I should do is get up earlier and do a few sun salutes, have a long shower, go for a 10 (only 10) min run, all these things set me up for a much better day! So why oh WHY is it so hard at the moment.

I heard myself in clinic suggesting sun salutes the other day and reminded my client (and myself) that it only takes 5 minutes and can literally turn your morning into something positive instead of the uphill struggle it can be.

I do feel a bit more energetic as the morning goes on and once I have dropped my little darlings off I do try to go for a run or a ride and then I do feel wonderful but it takes its time and I know that doing 5 minutes yoga straight away can be so energising. I guess the answer my question is what I would tell myself if I was my client, give yourself a break, you feel different at different times of year. You also cannot be full on and full of energy ALL the time, it is as unhealthy as being lethargic all the time. Don’t beat yourself up…..

Take one step at a time, things change, energy changes, mood changes and so do the stresses we are under.

My little step tomorrow morning is that I am going to get up and do a little bit of yoga! I am, I am.. If you have any tips let me know!