OUCH…..Arnica, for bruising and much more!

Most of us have heard of arnica, and when we bash ourselves it’s a go to remedy to help minimise bruising, it can be used for all sorts of things though including emotional shock.

Arnica grows at quite a high altitude and climbers realised that it helped injuries to heal. This has been confirmed again and again over the years. No, it is not medically proven, but then millions of people who have been using it for centuries can’t be wrong can they? Yes, I have grown up surrounded by homeopaths, so I am a believer but if there is one remedy to believe in, I would say this is it!

I recently fell on the bottom stair and then proceeded to slip on a ‘Nerf’ gun… The bruise on my elbow was pretty impressive and is still present 2 weeks later (that is what the pic of the front of this feature is about!). Anyway, I administered arnica 30 straight away and then morning and night for a few days. I know that without it, my bruising and swelling would have been a lot worse. You see Arnica helps with sprains, swelling, body trauma, surgery, child birth, arthritis and dental work to name a few.

Arnica helps to reduce any of the pain or problems with these conditions because of  the flavonoids and sesquiterpene lactones it contains, which are known to reduce inflammation and ease pain. The flowers of the arnica plant are yellow and have antioxidant power because of something called thymol and beta carotenes, that we know are good for mucous membranes.

If you have surgery planned, or are having a baby, have a broken bone or just slipped on ‘Nerf’ gun I really recommend that you try taking arnica to help the body deal with the trauma. (It is even thought to be good for anxiety and emotional trauma)

Because it is so diluted there is very little risk, if you are worried then talk to your medical practitioner. You can get creams as well as pillules, which are great for kids especially as they are always knocking themselves.

If you want to talk to some really good homeopaths about arnica and much more then try Ainsworths on 020 7935 5330.