Nutrient of the week….. Chromium

Many people I see in my clinic have issues with energy levels and visceral fat! The amount of sugar in our diets is through the roof and our bodies are struggling to deal with this. There is a massive rise to epidemic proportions of Diabetes type 2 and insulin resistance. Our bodies simply cannot cope and yet people have an overwhelming urge to carry on eating sugar!

Chromium works by helping our glucose metabolism and regulating insulin in our bodies. This in turn helps to reduce sugar cravings because we should not be going up and down like a yo yos with sugar spikes and dips. Part of the problem with the dips is that a lot of us then go and make matters worse by reaching for a fast burning sugary snack which just gives us another spike… up and down, you get the picture!

So taking a chromium supplement to help you get on the right track is a good start. It also helps with cholesterol regulation, fertility issues, weight loss and with bone density.

Once you have got your chromium levels up to a normal level then move onto food, good dietary sources of chromium are asparagus, apples, wheat flour and rye flour, (be aware though, that the flour process causes 50% loss of chromium), brewers yeast, cheese, eggs, liver, sea food, molasses, mushrooms, nuts, oysters, potatoes some dried fruits such as raisins and prunes.

Remember if you are elderly, pre diabetic, or diabetic chromium is a good supplement for you to look into.