Nutri Metagenics Powders

I have been using this range of metabolic powders for years now, and I am a big fan. They are a great addition to your diet and are prescriptive, meaning you can use different ones depending on you requirements.

They have been developed by clinicians and are brilliant for the gut, hormone imbalances, liver function and weight management. They contain vitamins and minerals specific to the issue that is of concern and also have high quality protein and glycaemically balanced carbohydrates.

I use them personally as a part of my morning smoothie, I use the ultra clear plus pH for liver support, it is brilliant for people with a high toxic load, hormone issues or those who are trying to alkalise their diet.

I like to use Ultra Meal in my smoothie if it is going to be my breakfast. It is one that I would use to help people with weight management issues or for people who are in a rush and need a bit of protein in the morning (as we all do).


Ultra infllamax has been very successful in my clinic. Especially for clients with gut problems, and especially if we are trying to heal a leaky gut and food intolerances.

Estro balance is great if your hormones are all over the shop, it helps the metabolism of oestrogen and to get hormones balanced.

They are a brilliant addition and I would thoroughly recommend them. I would say that it is a good idea to talk to someone who knows and understands how they work and which one would be best for you. Adding them to a smoothie along with all the other wonderful things you can add to smoothies is great idea. For example Ultra Inflammax with aloe is a lovely combo for your gut, as is spriulina and Ultra Clear pH for your detox pathways.

Take a look I would love to know what you think.