Not just a Veg Box

I hope I am not the only person who gets excited when a food shop arrives! Anyway I do, and I like all sorts of food shopping, but for this blog I wanted to give the veg box delivery a big clap!

Long gone are the days of a box turning up full of Jerusalem artichoke and some muddy celeriac, although I do love both these things now, at the time I do remember wondering what on earth I should do with them! As you can see from this photograph there is so, so, so, much more to the organic ‘veg’ delivery companies.

I have to admit I am two timing, I get Riverford and Able and Cole most weeks, partly because it means I get two fresh shops at different times of the week, and also because it means I get a bigger variety and as you can see it doesn’t just stop at fruit and veg. I can get my household cleaner, loo roll, kitchen roll, cheese, fish, meat, quiches, oatcakes, anzac biscuits, pukka teas, nuts, seeds….. it is endless. I also love that they have weird and wonderful products too, Abel and Cole was the first place I found root turmeric without having to go to a specialist shop. Go have a look, you don’t need to order a box anymore, (although you can), it is more like an online supermarket shopping site. They will even send you suggestions of what to do with those tricky ingredients that you aren’t sure what to do with.. Have a look at their websites Riverford is and Abel and Cole can be found at Happy shopping!