Normal crepes, just going to use gram flour.

Sometimes I like to try a classic recipe and substitute part of it with an alternative, here I have used gram flour instead of plain flour, thus making it gluten free and still keeping it super straight forward and easy!



What you need

  • 150 g of gram flour
  • 325 ml of milk
  • 1 egg
  • and some coconut oil for the pan..


  • Add all the ingredients together by making a hole in the flour and dropping the egg in, and mix gently, then stir in the milk slowly to make the batter.

    Heat a heavy based frying pan and spread some coconut oil around the base of the pan, then I use a ladle to ladle in one spoon full of crepe mixture and move it around the pan, allow to cook for a few minutes, you will know when it is ready to flip when it starts to come away from the sides. Flip it and do the other side for a few minutes..

    If you are doing classic crepes serve with lemon and stevia or coconut sugar.