Nettle wonder!

Nettles are every where at the moment and whilst many people find them annoying and ‘owie’, which they can be, there is more to them than just being stingers!

Nettles have become quite popular in soups and pesto and teas, and lets face it there is no shortage of them, I like to make tea, and I drink lots when they are in season, although be warned nettles act as a diuretic so you may find that you have to make a few extra trips to the bathroom. They are a potent diuretic and can be really helpful if you suffer from water retention, it also means that they are really good for the kidneys and bladder washing bacteria through.


Nettles are blood building and help our iron levels and this in turn helps our red blood cells with oxygen so good for energy levels. Nettles are thought to help joint pain and anywhere that extra water flow will help, things like gout where crytsals build up and cause a lot of pain.

So start using them! Make sure you collect them with gloves (they do still sting), and try to collect them away from the road as they do absorb pollution. Once they have been cooked or made into tea, they cannot hurt you anymore, only help you!!!!


  • For tea pick 3-5 sprigs of nettles and pour boiling water onto them and then leave to steep for 5-10 mins.