There’s so much info out there on holiday PREPPING, what to take on the plane, dealing with jet lag etc but what about when we come home… No body talks about this and its such an important holiday phase.

After a flight we can be dehydrated, our appetite is haywire, our body confused, our circadian rhythm is off, and our bowel movements may be on hold!!!!

These are some of my top tips to think about whilst your unpacking that suitcase…

1. Hydrate! Keep drinking throughout the day when you are back lemon water, herbal infusions, peppermint and ginger are great for digestion so added bonus there.

2. You can eat your water too! Raw fruit & veg –This cuts out the processed foods which can clog up your system and has you reaching for fibre rich wholefoods which are nutrient dense, alkalising and extremely hydrating.

3. Move your body and stretch! This will get everything moving whether it’s a walk in the fresh air or quick stretch indoors.

4. Chlorophyll – I also like to add 15ml of chlorophyll to a few glasses of water throughout the day. Chlorophyll promotes cleansing, alkalises the body, energises us and fights free radicals (antioxidant properties).

5. Moisturise- Don’t forget that our outsides maybe dehydrated also!

6. Bedtime – Not too early, try to get used to your home time zone, however you want at least a full 8 hours before you have to wake up the next day. Steer clear of the caffeine and try a camomile, valerian root or lavender tea.