Don’t let this chilly weather catch you into falling unwell, with summer a few months away and not alt of sunlight here are some of my fave things you can do below to support you this month.

1. Vitamin D: Unless you’re off for some winter sun you maybe lacking in some serious vitamin D. If you’re not hopping on a plane we can get this essential vitamin from these food sources oily fish, mushrooms, liver, egg yolks (Leave the egg white omelettes alone!) It’s a great idea to also consider supplementing with a vitamin D in the colder darker months to avoid any decencies and also SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Be sure to take care of yourself, eat a good wholefood plant focused diet and supplement with some of the below.

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: one of the main essential fatty acids in fish oil is DHA. DHA is present in high quantities in the brain and is necessary to help promote normal function of neurotransmitters. It maybe wise to supplement one alongside a varied diet that includes plently of good healthy fats like avocados, cold pressed olive oil, seeds, nuts, salmon, mackeral and sardines.

3. 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): 5HTP is a precursor to Serotonin (Our happy feel good hormone!) It may be helpful to improving Serotonin secretion when taken during the day.

4. Whats on our plate: Supplement alongside an abundant diet in wholefoods, healthy fats, and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. Insuring you’re eating a wide variety and array of colours. Avoid processed sugars, and too much alchohol.

5. Vitamin C: Load up on vitamin C rich foods think lemons, kiwis, oranges, camu camu powder, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach. I love to add a spoonful of raw organic camu camu powder to my smoothies to ensure my vitamin C levels are always topped up.

6. Immunity: You can add your everyday kitchen/fridge staples to most of your meals to bost immunity throughout January. Not only are they immune boosting they are also anti-inflammatory and detoxifying… Perfect for January!!! Sprinkle cinnamon into your porridge, chilli flakes over your eggs, whiz up a turmeric and raw honey latte, oregano on your pasta etc.

7. Milk thistle and dandelion: Two of my absolute favourites for supporting and detoxifying the liver. I like to drink these as herbal teas throughout the day but you can supplement both. Either way they are brilliant additions to your diet this month in particular but all year round