Liver reviving tips

I have had a lovely summer. It has been pretty busy and I am feeling a little foggy getting back into work and school run etc! We went away and I enjoyed the food and wine that was from the region where we were, so now my thoughts turn to getting back on track and giving my liver a bit of help to clear out!

The liver is the most overworked organ in our body, it breaks down all of the toxins that we ingest. An amazing 2.25 litres of blood pass through our liver every minute for detoxification!!! Detoxification is not the only thing that the liver does. It also produces bile to help with the digestion of fat, it manufactures hormones, stores various vitamins and minerals, assembles amino acids, makes cholesterol, controls glucose and fat supplies and plays a big part in immunity.

Due to poor diets, low in nutrient density, high in fat with all sorts of toxins going in our livers are really overloaded and can be working at 35-40% of their potential capacity. Fortunately the liver does regenerate itself and so there is no reason for lover function to improve greatly by eating the correct foods and using supplements.

To help our livers out….
  1. Avoid excess alcohol
  2. Try to eat organic when you can, this reduces the intake of pesticides, which are a toxin to the body and the liver has to clean these from the blood, if you can’t get organic make sure that you wash the fruit and veg thoroughly.
  3. Reduce saturated fats, especially hydrogenated or trans fats, which should be avoided altogether.
  4. Reduce dairy and animal protein, this type of protein is hard work for the liver.
  5. Caffeine and medications such as aspirin put a strain on liver. Try to find alternatives at your local health food store.
  6. Increase fresh fruit and vegetables. Include beetroot, globe artichoke, garlic, onions, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, radicchio, black cherries, pears. Also sweet potato, papaya, berries, watercress and rocket because these are high in antioxidants, which help to lower the amount of free radicals racing around the body causing damage!
  7. Turmeric is great for increasing glutathione levels which is a very important antioxidant it the body.
  8. A good quality multivitamin is a good idea always. Vitamin C is a great one to help the liver, at least. Milk thistle is a well known liver herb, it also helps raise the glutathione levels.
  9. Drink lots and lots of water! Filtered is better!