Little Heavenly Blueberries

Blueberries really are as good for us as people say, for a fruit they are incredibly high on the ORAC scale, this is the scale that measures the Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity of a food stuff, or how much antioxidant power it has on the body, or how many free radicals can be dealt with by that particular food. Blueberries measure 4669, and are amongst the highest in fruit and veg world. Some foods are much higher and I think it is interesting that herbs are super high with rosemary rating 165280!!!! (you do have to remember though, that the quantity of rosemary you would eat in one sitting is no where near as much as you would with blueberries!)

Anyway back to our little blueberries, the thing that makes them so super is mainly the anthocyanidins they contain .

The benefits blueberries give are that they are thought to help with prevent cognitive decline, so Alzheimer’s and dementia, whilst also helping less extreme issues such as memory loss and concentration. They have been shown to actually improve brain function and learning capacity!

Another benefit is for your eyes, blueberries are very protective for your eyes and macular degeneration and glaucoma, which may be to do with their vitamin C and collagen enhancing properties!

For our natural eliminations blueberries can help with diarrhoea and constipation and also help our beneficial gut flora because of the fibre which is soluble and insoluble, and the antibacterial properties they have. If you suffer from repeated UTI’s eating  blueberries can help there too!

Lastly against what you would imagine, blueberries can actually help your blood sugar levels, so have them with porridge and cinnamon in the morning for a super blood sugar balancing, slow release, energetic all day, breakfast!

The only thing with blueberries is that they are one of the dirty dozen (I will do a blog about this later in the week), but what that means is that buying organic is a really good idea to avoid getting any nasties, and if not organic then make sure you wash really well.