I managed to get to Life co in lovely Bodrum for a few days this month… It is one of my all time favourite places to reset and I TRY and come every year!

I felt lucky to make it this year but it was a great time to go, after covid (with all the drinks and lazy food)  and towards the end of summer.

It really is the best reset ever, I feel ready and motivated for the more ‘normal’, busy back to work and school life of September …

I always do what is called the master cleanse, but there are lots of different programmes you can do.

I have commented many times on fasting – and while the practice of fasting gets abused by many who use it as a crash diet… which it is not!!! I use it to rest and give myself a break. Fasting, whether it be dry, water, juice or liquid fasting is an ancient practice used to restore, heal and rejuvenate.

I did do lots of yoga and meditation which was great as I’m not always the best at finding the time. I also did lots of infrared sauna, massage, and steam. Walked by the beach and swam in the sea, it was bloody great!! My sleep was better, my skin brighter and I have been driving everyone mad- bouncing off the walls!

If you are planning on doing a longer fast, make sure you have the right support and have a good protocol to follow. I often struggle for the first few days it can be tough so make sure you are in a safe environment….. AND THEN…. hold tight riders because after that I am OFF!! Bouncing around. Feeling great and totally clear headed.

Thank you Life co for a fantastic week and making me feel brand new.