Sleep protocol… My rules for a blissful nights sleep

-Hold the caffeine- Caffeine functions as a stimulant and can stay in our systems for up to 5 hours. Enjoy your daily coffee before midday and stick to caffeine-free beverages in the afternoon. Try rooibos with almond milk or a herbal tea like dandelion, fennel or mint.

-Put your legs up against the wall- Yes, this is exactly as it sounds! After a long day, I encourage you to take 10 minutes to lay down, shuffle as close to a wall as is comfortable and then slide your legs up, allowing the weight of your legs to rest on the wall itself. This is an incredibly calming pose and dramatically calms our nervous system before sleep.

-Eat a balanced wholesome dinner- S important. Consuming a balanced meal that contains protein, fat and a complex carb source ensures you are not going to bed uncomfortably hungry. Ideally try to have dinner 2-3 hours pre-bedtime so your body has time to digest the food and rest. There’s nothing worse than going to bed bloated and too full.

-Switch off from technology 1-2 hours pre-bed- This can be hard I know but it is so important when it comes to sleep. Our phones and laptops emit that pesky blue light which can disrupt our sleep patterns and play havoc with melatonin our much needed sleep hormone.

-Enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Enjoying a cup of tea at night supports sleep in 2 complimentary ways. Firstly, many herbal teas contain compounds that help to calm our nervous system. Secondly, the simple ritual of taking time out to stop and make a tea can be a calming process in itself. When picking a herbal tea make sure to opt for a caffeine free version. Some delicious sleepy teas include those that contain chamomile, lavender, passionflower or lemon balm. Tip: make sure to stick to 1-2 cups otherwise your restful sleep may be interrupted by a night-time toilet break!

Sleepy gadgets and gizmos

There’s so many things that we can do now to support our sleep , although I’m a firm believer of turning your phone after a certain time If you absolutely need to be on your computer or phone in the hours before you go to bed, blue blocker glasses can reduce the impact of LED screens on the body’s circadian rhythm which could greatly impact your quality of sleep. If you want to go one step further there’s all sorts you can use and do to track your quality of your sleep- The oura ring a small gadget made to be worn on your finger exactly as you would a normal ring has the ability to track your body temperature, resting heartbeat, sleep quality throughout the stages I talked about this week (123 and REM), there’s lots you can look into if you want to take your sleep protocol 1 step further! If you’re like me and love a good silk eye mask the remee mask is the next level, if your looking for one that enhances your REM experience, look no further. After you slide it over your sleepy eyes, the mask gets to work to help increase the frequency of your lucid dreams. By using low-profile electronics hidden within the mask, the eye cover provides customizable light patterns that your mind recognizes low-profile electronics hidden within the mask, the eye cover provides customizable light patterns that your mind so cleverly recognizes. Of course a good simple pillow and mattress are all helpful aswell in the ultimate sleep scenario, if you’ve having trouble sleeping, have followed my protocol, are gently supplementing, are clearing your mind of worries and doubts, then it maybe a good idea to look at what you are lying on.