Just another note on juicing.. I am in the zone!

I haven’t done a long juice fast for a while and am enjoying having a few days of juicing and giving everything else a rest! I am definitely in the zone. This is my second day and I do feel light, motivated and full of beans.

The reason I thought I would write about this is because I had forgotten just how rewarding doing a juice fast can be.

You really do feel the glow come from inside and after last weeks post when I was talking about struggling to get back on track I think that deciding to do a 3 day cleanse has been the boost I needed to spring into Autumn and back to work!

Doing a day a week is what I try to do, but I have been finding that hard lately because life has been so busy. If you can manage it, it is a wonderful way of keeping you vital and reminding you to take care of yourself, whatever else you get up to!

I am following the cleanse from my book, the juices are designed to help you cleanse and detox while also helping to heal and repair the gut if there are any problems in that area.

By fasting we give our bodies a chance to rest and heal when they would normally be dealing with all the rubbish we put in them! It is a great re boot and its like wiping the slate clean in a way.

We put back essential minerals and vitamins that we may be low on and also LOADS of antioxidants that will help mop up the toxins released during a cleanse!

So if you are feeling gloomy, then I really would recommend trying a day or two. If you are really unmotivated I find even making a juice can help me to feel more positive…. Go on get some juice in your life!