Intermittent fasting


When your body is in a fasted state, it starts burning your fat stores for energy and a very similar process happens when you enter ketosis. When you deplete your body of glucose, your body will start burning fat stores, or ketones, for energy. Try and intermittent fast along with me this month here are some ideas to help you. Fast between 6/7pm the previous night right up until 10/11am the next morning. During that fasting period please only consume water, and herbal teas, black tea and coffee is also fine but with no milk, sugar, cream. Juices and smoothies are not allowed until your fasting window has been broken.

Once the fasting period is up you can consume eating but follow my plans above and also my list of foods to avoid and eat. Use some of the recipes above for your lunch and dinner and if you can fats between meals for maximum benefits. It’s best to pick your fasting wisely and not on a n evening where your due out for dinner or to celebrate a birthday brunch.