Instead of pasta….. you can do it!

With so many options to pasta available now and options that pack more of a punch in the nutrition department than traditional pastas… they are definitely worth trying.

Pasta is a real comfort food for a lot of people, for others it is a staple for a family meal (kids LOVE it). The only problem is that we eat way to many simple carbs, usually made from refined white wheat flour pasta is a fast burning energy and will contribute towards sugar peaks and then troughs … we eat so many refined food that when there is an alternative you should take it!…I like to try all sorts of new ‘fandagled’ products, some of my favourites are the pastas made from different beans, such as mung and aduki beans.

I am also a big fan of brown rice pasta, this is the most like ‘normal’ pasta in my opinion. Then there is the option of spiralzing all sorts of vegetables, a great way of adding more vegetable nutrients to your daily diet. I love spiralzing veg, add pesto or a tomato sauce it makes for a light and fresh meal. And if you don’t like any of these there is always plain old brown rice or quinoa, both have many health benefits, including fibre, vitamin B and protein and I think are great options for your carb fix!