Immune Boosting Blast | Intro

During summer we all drink too much Rosè (well I do) and indulge in the wondrous foods of whatever country we’re holidaying in… Then we get straight back into work, school runs, after school clubs, social life etc which leaves us feeling sluggish, un-motivated and with seasons changing colds and coughs creep in! I’m particularly feeling rough at the moment, low on energy . I haven’t transitioned into work mode very well, it has been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath!!

So, I thought I would practice what I preach and what better than to focus  on boosting my general immunity as well as doing a little reset on the body! The Immune Boosting Blast is designed to help get your energy levels up and build your immunity before autumn/winter is in full swing! It will entail lots of powerful nutrients found in green leafies, garlic, lemon, ginger, rosemary! Starting this on a Friday is more manageable than trying to do to during a busy week, I promise by Monday you’ll be feeling re-charged and a lot brighter inside and out!

The Immune Boosting Blast

It will last three days, it will include 1 smoothie in the morning, 3 juices during the day which will be followed by a hearty, warming soup in the evening all containing different immune boosting properties. Alongside this, there will be a supplement protocol to follow which will support your immune system to get it fighting fit! After the 3 days there will be some aftercare advising you on foods that help maintain good immunity throughout the cold seasons and also the supplements that should be taken in the winter months.

There will be further information like shopping lists, your recipes you need, the supplements to buy and your 3 day plan of attack!