Immune Boosting Blast| After Care.

Firstly, go gently, for the next few weeks, and through the winter months in general, make sure you are giving yourself lots of anti oxidant foods. So brightly coloured fruit and veg are an easy way to know if they have a good amount of supporting power. Antioxidants will help keep any baddies away! Vitamin C will help boost your levels of antioxidants.

You also want to make sure you are getting enough zinc and vitamin A, zinc is found in pumpkin seeds, oysters, greens and oats and you will find A in meat and things like sweet potato and carrots.

Eating food like garlic and ginger, and herbs like rosemary and oregano, will help kill of unwanted bacteria and should help to keep any infections from taking hold.

I would like you to keep taking vitamin C, zinc and alpha lipoic acid in the supplement protocol for the next month and also continue with the astragulas, until it runs out. The fish oils and vitamin D should be taken for 3 months and you could even continue with the D till Spring.

The C, zinc, vit D, fish oils and alpha lipoic acid are a mixture of antioxidants, anti inflammatory and immune balancing nutrients, this protocol is designed to help get everything in place before the cold season.

Lastly, now would be a good time to take a course of pro biotics, take a good quality  one(lots of billions), and take it at bed time for a month. There is evidence that a good gut flora is crucial for good health!