Living well for longer. Over the past few posts we’ve established that to do this it’s not rocket science and with small lifestyle changes and a little acknowledgment we can implement some of the changes for good and age our way to better health.

We know that environmental factors play a huge part so limiting our exposure to certain toxins like chemicals, pollution, dyes and paints, certain fragrances and parabens, heavy metals, etc. We know that diet is HUGE and I love this factor because it’s something that we have control over, we literally can choose each day what put on our forks and this is one of the most powerful tools. Just like our exercise and movement levels by tackling these, our overall health and age can benefit. This can have a knock on effect in supporting our hormones to function better, our immunity and nervous system, our brain health and even our gut and digestion.

The ideal plate for ageing gracefully:

• Half full of veggies- These can be roasted, sautéed, steamed. E.g. Carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, cabbage, parsnips, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers. Use what’s local and seasonal to you for optimal nutrients.
• A portion of raw leafy greens – These can be mixed in or included with your veggies. E.g. Watercress, rocket, spinach, lettuce.
• A quarter of clean good quality protein- Organic turkey/chicken, salmon, mackerel, snapper, tempeh, organic tofu, organic free range eggs, legumes/pulses, beans. Use meat as a condiment and have just a couple of times a week explore other options and eat as much variety as possible.
• A quarter of complex carbohydrate- Millet, quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, gluten free pastas made from grains or pulses, sweet potato/white potato, oats, rye, sourdough, organic whole wheat.
• A little healthy fat- Cold pressed olive oil, organic grass fed butter, avocados, cold pressed avocado oil, nuts and seeds, olives.

If you’d like something sweet try juicy fruit and use herbs and spices, good quality rock salt or pink Himalayan salt full of minerals. If you do choose to drink alcohol with your meal follow the steps of those In the Mediterranean and try a small glass of organic red.

As you know with everything I do I like there to be an element of a balance and that’s super important to remember here- Ageing is inevitable but how quickly and how well we do it is really up to us. So that doesn’t mean saying no to a cocktail or glass wine, not eating out at your favourite restaurant because the food is fried, not training for a marathon etc.… I like to do all of the above but I listen to my body and do things in moderation. Crave time out for you, reduce your stress levels, take a look at your diet, listen to your body and know what’s too much for you and doesn’t make you feel good. It’s important to recognise that there are different stages of ageing and things feel differently to us at different phases of our lives and if we act now and even implement some of these things from an early age we can be sure that we are in full control of how fast were ageing, I believe that we are never too young to begin prevention.