Whose partner moans they’ll be hungry if you announce salad for dinner!? There’s no need to be starving within 30 mins of finishing if you follow my basic rules of thumb for a balanced, satisfying, filling and delicious bowl. Combining the right macro nutrients are key and the correct combo won’t have you reaching for a snack immediately after!

Carbs- I dont mean croutons and bread sticks! Unrefined carbs are brilliant and great to include in your salads. Think roasted beetroot or sweet potato, grated carrots, qluten free grains like quinoa, millet and brown rice.

Fibre- Pick your green base this is where you are going to get all your fibre from. Think watercress, argula, spinach, and rocket or opt for kale and romaine lettuce which actually have higher fibre content. You can even mix and match for a broader range of vitamins and minerals!

Protein- So essential to our bodies and overall wellbeing this part of the salad I will leave a little more to your personal preferences but You want to be adding things like organic grass fed chicken, salmon/fish, legumes, pulses, free range egg, whatever protein you fuel your body with and if you’re not veggie/vegan then its brilliant to mix it up each week to keep that variety in your body!

Fat- My favourite part because t’s crucial for glowing skin, maintaining a healthy weight, balancing those hormones, brain function AND keeping hunger at bay. Go for avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed hemp/flax oil, seeds, nuts.

Toppings & dressings- This part is up to you variety is crucial for a healthy gut and your body will love the extra fibre. I like to mix it up and add roasted root veg like beetroot, sweet pots, grated carrots, grilled aubergines & courgettes, fresh herbs to keep the flavours fresh is also great. Feel free to dress your salad but steer clear of the creamy ranch or thousand island ones! I like to keep it simple with a really good quality organic olive oil, lemon juice, Himalayan salt and pepper!