Herbal Tinctures


Amazing therapeutic tool – herbs are super powerful and amazing for lots of ailments.

Echinacea – Cold remedy and immune
Chamomille – Mild relaxant, helps sleep, can help pain and PMS
Rosemary – Soothes an upset tummy, a great decongestant
Peppermint – Indigestion
Ginger – Great for colds, anti bacterial, bloating and nausea.
Thyme – Great for chest infections and sore throats (gargling would be good for this)
Dandelion – great for water retention, and great support for the liver and kidneys.
Milk thistle – Great for liver, very protective.

Herbal tinctures are made with extracts from herbs and can be one herb or a formula of a few…. The extracts are put into a liquid and creates a very concentrated version of the herb.

Either put drops into the water, or drop under the tongue (this way means it goes straight into the bloodstream so more powerful)