‘Healthy’ household cleaning products

When I was at college, I learnt about toxicity and how this isn’t just smoking, drinking and eating junk food that is the cause. We are surrounded by toxins, a lot are out of our control, like exhaust fumes and pesticides. However a lot are in our control though, by changing what you wash your clothes, bedding, dishes, kitchens, floors and bathrooms with is a way of really reducing your toxic load significantly!

In the picture are some of the products by a brand called ‘Method’ I also use ‘Ecover’ but there are lots of brands out there. The other brilliant thing about these brands is that they are thinking about the environment too. Most are ecologically sound, using recycled containers and offering refills rather than having to buy a whole new ‘thing’ everytime! They are not hard to find anymore either, you can buy them in any supermarket, so make the change, it is a quick and easy way to help keep the toxins down!