Healthy Headstart|Shape Up For Summer/Ever

Right, so as I say above if you can’t and don’t want to eat like this for ever give it a go for 2 weeks and get yourself feeling tip top for the summer! I mostly eat well but as I am sure you all know by now I love a drink, I love doritos, I love pizza, steak, basically I LOVE food, but yes, most of the time I eat a pretty plant based, healthy, nutritious, balanced diet.

If you find your energy is dipping through the day, and that you crave sugar and that you are tired a LOT, then eating for your metabolism for a couple of weeks supported by some specific supplements will benefit you greatly.

Firstly I want to tell you this is NOT a weight loss diet, it is a very balanced diet that uses fresh ingredients which we prepare ourselves. This is something I feel we should get back to, we have slowly but surely become less engaged with our food; where it comes from and the impact what we eat has on us. So one of my biggest missions is to show people how wonderful and vital you can feel by just eating fresh and less processed food.  It is not about denying yourself or making life miserable, quite the opposite, if you eat well you can get away with a lot more!!!

Fad diets have been proven again and again not to work and new research shows that these starvation diets cause the metabolism to slow and can upset the metabolic rate for literally years!

This plan is designed to help you feel vital and glow before summer gets into full swing it should be a good insight as to how you can help maintain a healthier feeling all year round! It is easy and fresh, meat is included as are carbs and lots of veg and fruit. You will see from the food list page that there are also fats and beans and pulses.

Eggs, dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, wheat and deadly nightshades are off the menu for two weeks to help reduce any inflammation. So you are all aware deadly night shades are things like tomatoes, aubergine, white potato, courgette, curry powder, chilli, cayenne pepper & goji berries. There are full lists online! After the ‘Two week Healthy Headstart’ some of these foods should be reintroduced gently. Cutting food groups is not normally necessary in my opinion, unless there is a known reason such as coeliacs, or intolerance to lactose etc.

One of the benefits of these two weeks is that it will really highlight where you can make your diet more nutrient dense and how often you go for the less than ideal food choice… Making the right food choices will help your energy and your mood and then you can do all the things you want and need to do in this busy world!

Exercise wise, I would try to keep it short, sharp and manageable, try to do 4 times a week. And as I always say if you don’t want to go hop, skip and jump then go for a walk, a swim and everyone should try to do some yoga and meditation.

Over the next few days I will put up a food list, a list of supplements that will support your ‘Healthy Headstart’ and some recipe ideas. The clients who have taken part in ‘The Healthy Headstart’ have all felt absolutely great at the end of two weeks, so I am sure you will too and is will basically be because you are just eating a very wholesome diet; amazing what you can do with very simple food!

Any questions, let me know… and I also want to know how you get on!

General Guidelines

• Start each day with a warm water and lemon… this gets the system going and the digestive juices flowing!

• Increase all vegetables and try to include beetroot, globe artichokes, kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green leafy vegetables, asparagus they are very good at helping your liver. Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, alfalfa sprouts and watercress are also good and very high in antioxidants. The more you eat raw the better!

• Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg every day… A wide range gives you a wide range of phytonutrients!

• Include good proteins, include turkey, chicken, fish, tofu, tempeh, miso, seeds, beans, legumes and pulses (add turmeric to these if they cause bloating or gas. As I said it is also a good antiviral) .

• Include complex carbohydrates, such as quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat and vegetable pastas and try rye bread. Brown rice is high in vitamin B, which is good for your nervous system and stress and vitamin E.

• For snacks try hard boiled eggs as a good snack while you are on the run, or olives, or houmous with carrot batons or other crudités, or oatcakes.

• Drink 2 litres of water or herbal tea a day!

How to use my guide & food list…

• Think about what food you need to make the meals you have planned, if you have the food  you want there then you are less likely to reach for the wrong thing… it will help keep you on the straight and narrow!

• Roughly speaking the ratio on your plate should be 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean protein and the other 1/4 complex carb.

• Simply choose from the list provided – 1 lean protein, 2-3 types of veggies and 1 complex carb. Use lots of herbs and spices to get the flavour flowing and also make it more nutrient dense! Will post some food inspiration for you all with what a typical day of food could look like.

• For the next few weeks eat like a king at breakfast, a Queen at lunch and a prince at dinner.

• You can do as much high intensity exercise as you can do, you don’t need to do hours at least 20-30 minutes 3-5 days a week! Short and sharp is great. And if you are not a sort sharp exercise kind of person then walking and yoga would work well.