Grow your own..give it a try!

I am no gardener, I don’t have a natural flare for growing things, so was pretty surprised when I planted seeds one March and April that after 2-3 months I was able to harvest beans, lettuce, courgette, beetroot, kale, spinal, onions, garlic, chard and more! Surprised is probably an under statement actually!

And the veg keeps coming. The more beans you pick the more grow back, the more spinach you snap of more comes back, (roots don’t, just so you know!).

I have been ‘growing my own’ for about 5 years now and as you go along you learn what suits your patch. I know that sadly Brussels sprouts do not like my soil and have now stopped trying to grow them. Beets and spinach love it so do really well every year, cabbages make it with a wing and a prayer as long as the caterpillars don’t get there first, on the up side then you have pretty butterflies! It is trial and error and if you try a variety, something should grow!

Yes, for a beautiful big kitchen garden you need a lot of space, but that should not hold you back, you can grow veg in small areas, and because different vegetables come into season at different times you can rotate. There are lots of people in cities growing there own which I find pretty inspiring.

It is brilliant for many reasons, firstly you can be sure that they are organic, and use organic seeds, fertilisers and sprays if needed. Secondly it is much cheaper too, some veg can be expensive, like asparagus or artichoke. And thirdly it is fun for everyone to get involved in, kids are more likely to eat it if they have grown it. Lastly it means you have the freshest vegetables you could ever imagine, great for cooking and juicing.

Start small and keep it simple, veg patches can be time consuming and most of us are time poor, so don’t over do it and just enjoy the fruits (or veg in this case) of your labour!!!!!