Fresh herbs and more

Fresh herbs and spices are more available than ever. They are great to add to your food, cooking and juices, raw or cooked their properties are a way of super boosting a meal. Things like garlic act as an anti biotic when raw and antimicrobial when cooked. Ginger is good for the gut and turmeric for inflammation amongst other things. Rosemary for the memory, parsley for your energy, coriander helps detox heavy metals from our bodies.

Sage is good for colds, coughs and hormones, chilli helps fevers and the metabolism, bay leaf is antioxidant and a digestive aid, pepper also stimulates digestion and Himalayan crystal salt has all the minerals we need. So you can see from this brief look at culinary cooking herbs and spices the power they have to help us make our meals more nutrient dense in a really simple way! So add a little extra and reap the rewards!