Food tribes… which one are you? #bodytalk

So what food tribe are you is what Suzanne Duckett asked us all and I answered that I was a balanced (or strived to be) a balanced tribe. What I mean but that is that I think a bit of everything is a good thing.

Melissa Hemsley said she is a real food ‘triber’, Jasmine Hemsley a conscious omnivore ‘triber’, Susie Orbach loves the ritual of food and Suzanne Duckett loves the community that is created by eating together. These are all sentiments that I totally agree with.

All the chat about what food means to you and where it sits in your life reminded me how careful we need to be about maintaining a healthy relationship with food, which isn’t necessarily the case now a days and from what Susie O said and what we all know, eating dysfunction is on the rise and is getting to epidemic proportions.

Normalising food is what I believe in, but when I say that I mean in making it normal to eat fresh food, that we make ourselves and know where it has come from. We have got so far away from natural food, or real food as Melissa put it, that we rely on a date stamped on top of a plastic container that our food has been wrapped in to tell us if it is ok for us to eat. Weird hey!

People are very out of touch with food, how it works and what your body needs and desires actually.

If we ate fresh and wholesome food all the time we would feel brilliant and our bodies would thank us. We may however feel deprived, there are some delicious foods out there that don’t tick the ‘angelic health food’ box, but may tick the ‘good for the soul’ box. I love the naughty not so wholesome food and I like a drink too, so this is where balance comes in, and moderation, or the 80% good and 20% sod it attitude.

Food and how we eat is a habit, if we are in the habit of choosing fresh foods, and cooking and tasting food then that is how we will operate. The problem for a lot of us is that for a long time we have been sold pre packed, processed, quick microwave foods so that has become the habit, and the idea of cooking or collecting fresh veg doesn’t come naturally. So we have to undo that and slowly and steadily and safely and healthily get back to a more simple relationship with food, which isn’t about fads or the latest trend but a change in our ways that will last a lifetime.

Food should be a lovely part of normal life that we use as fuel when we are hungry, to nourish our body rather than a tool in a complicated emotional behaviour pattern, how do we get there?  I don’t know, but empowering people with knowledge, simplifying food and taking the mystery out of healthy eating will help I reckon!