Fly Away

Summer is only round the corner!! Which means HOLIDAYS…but also flying. It’s important to prepare before your flight and during unless it will leave you feeling tired, dehydrated and sluggish making your jet lag worse!


Ways to PREPARE…

  • Leading up to your flight start to boost your vitamin c stocks and take 2000mg a day for a couple of days before to boost your immune system and your antioxidants
  • If you have time before your flight stock up on good fats at breakfast time like avocado and also drink plenty before boarding, this will help keep inflammation at bay and hopefully help to keep water retention down on the flight.

During the flight…

  • The most important thing on the plane and the reason we usually feel pretty crap the other side is down to hydration… So drink constant amounts of water!! Take a little container with a tsp of chia seeds and add to 1/2 litre of bottled water purchased at the airport (after security) Chia seeds absorb 10% of their own mass so will really help to keep you hydrated. If you find it gets a tad gelatinous add more water! They are also a great source of fibre so will help to keep you moving, if you know what I mean!!
  • Plane food is pretty disgusting and full of rubbish!! Take snacks with you like nuts and seeds to get you through the journey. Also whole fruit, it is a great source of fibre to keep everything moving!
  • If you are very organised things like spiralina and chlorella powders are wonderful alkalisiers for flying, helping to keep your body balanced in a pretty unnatural environment.
  • Depending who you fly with take your own herbal teabags as sometimes they do not have them or their selection is limited.
  • Try to stay away from coffee, fizzy drink and alcohol – yes I know it’s holiday and it’s all very exciting but you will feel so much worse for it!
  • Take magnesium as this will help relax your muscles especially if you are an anxious flyer.
  • For those that really struggle with flying take Arnica 30 before and after flight, that will help cope with the stress of it all!
  • Take a nourishing oil or cream to keep your skin hydrated – I suggest a rose hip oil.