What oils do you cook with on a daily basis?

Do you roast those wonderful nutrient rich veggies in any old vegetable oil? If so it maybe time to switch somethings up in your kitchen!  Those lovely healthy veggies your stir frying could actually be doing you a little more harm than you thought… Don’t panic you can easily solve this by just being aware of which oils you tend to cook with.

Oils have different smoke points , which is the temperature at which the fat or oil begins to smoke and burn. Once past this point it can release free radicals into our body which we don’t really want!


As a general rule, when frying foods, it is important to choose an oil with a very high smoking point. Avocado oil has the highest! Have you tried it? Its lovely and rich and can be found in most supermarkets in the oils section.

Fats and oils with lower smoking points, like butter and olive oil, are best suited for lower temperature cooking methods such as pan sautéing. Personally I like to keep my olive oil for drizzling and I will always try and opt for a cold pressed one.