CORONAVIRUS… tips for keeping well!

With the coronavirus the centre of press attention at the moment its super important for us to take a breath and look at what we know FIRST before panicking and knowing the best ways to protect ourselves!

Covid-19 at the moment has a relatively low fatality rate at 2.3%. If you are healthy, eat well and look after yourselves then you have very little to worry about. It seems to be more contagious than the common flu but about AS contagious as a severe seasonal flu, so to give you an idea 1 person can infect 2 people, with a death rate about the same as that of a very severe seasonal flu. Most cases of the virus currently are not too severe, of those affected 80% have very mild infections, 15% have slightly more severe infections, and 5% have very severe infections. It can be of concern because the cold and flu like symptoms often go un noticed especially this chilly time of year which is why it’s great to be aware and keep yourself as well as possible.

Like all diseases those with compromised/weaker immune systems need to be wary, anyone over the age of 65 or anyone suffering from chronic illness should take a little extra care. Men seem to be suffering a little more than women but that could be because men in china are more frequent/heavier smokers than the women there so they have compromised lung function. For young children the corona virus is less dangerous than the flu but it doesn’t hurt to boost their immune systems too!


• Know the symptoms- Shortness of breath, bad flu, fever, severe cough
• Wash your hands often- That means pathogens from encountering the coronavirus on a doorknob, kitchen counter, underground pole, aeroplane arm rest etc. can’t linger on the skin, potentially spurring an infection.
• Use a good 60% alcohol content hand sanitizer if out and if necessary (e.g. before you eat)
• Eat well- Follow an anti-inflammatory colourful diet, healthy fats, lots of veggies and fruits
• Stay hydrated and warm- Water, herbal teas, soups, broths, hot well cooked food
• If you can and work permits stay home when you are sick/under the weather so not to spread germs
• Avoid touching your face/mouth with unwashed hands
• Supplement vitamin C along with eating vitamin C rich foods- Broccoli, bell peppers, kiwis, citrus fruits, lemon
• Support your immune function by balancing your stress hormones and immunity- Try yoga, a warm relaxing bath, ginger tea
• Use colloidal silver- A wonderful oral and topical spray that contains microscopic flakes of pure silver its packed full of antimicrobial, germ-fighting agents. A spray under the tongue when travelling is a great way to keep immunity strong
• When travelling on planes/trains wipe down your surrounding area and arm rests with anti-bacterial wipes
• Leave the mask at home- Surgical masks were designed to protect the patient from the doctor, they were never really designed to protect the wearer, but they were designed to protect the people around the wearer. With pathogens travelling skin to skin and coughing/sneezing a mask is only really going to keep out large particles of the virus. Saying that if you do wear one for travel be sure to replace it every couple of hours.
• Avoid travelling to places that have infections
• Don’t panic, keep yourself well and you will be fine!