Christmas Survival Kit | No 2 . Digestive Enzymes

Tis the season… for overeating and over drinking…basically! In December we all like to go out a bit more, eat more- and the food all tends to be heavier and richer. Our poor digestive system gets a hammering aswell as our liver, which leaves us feeling bloated and uncomfortable!

Obviously we don’t want to stop the fun as a majority of us enjoy this time of year! By taking a little care of your own digestion you can make a huge difference to how you feel! Digestive enzymes can take stress off of the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and small intestine by helping break down difficult-to-digest proteins, starches and fats. I’ve come up with some tips that will encourage the production of enzymes and give everything a little helping hand!

Before you eat start with a cap of apple cider vinegar, this will help the fire in you belly, it will help the release of bile which helps in the digestion of fat.

CHEW – very simply, but we don’t chew our food enough, chewing is the first part of digestion so try to chew around 30 times! Your digestion will need as much help as it can to break down all the richer foods you are consuming so give it a hand by taking your time to chew your food properly.

Supplements –  things like digestive enzymes can be helpful. Taken before a meal they boost the enzymes we need to break down fats, carbs and proteins. There is a nice product called D’Mix from conscious foods that is specifically for helping digestion and would a wonderful addition to your day at this time of year. Nutri Advance and Nutri link also do great digestive supplements to encourage the production of more enzymes!

Probiotics – make sure you are up to date with your probiotics, if you haven’t taken any for a while then do a 30 day course now and again in 6months!

Happy eating drinking and being very merry hohoho!